Medical care:Finger pointing communication board 指(ゆび)さしボード:ケガ・病気(びょうき)


Language barrier in medical care / 医療(いりょう)現場(げんば):言葉(ことば)の 問題(もんだい)

For many foreigners, explaining and understanding injuries and
illnesses in Japanese can be challenging, such as
“I don't understand what the hospital staff are saying” or
“I can't describe the symptoms very well. ”
The "Finger pointing communication board" is useful in such situations.

The leaflet is available in 7 languages / 7か国語(こくご)のチラシ

It displays pictures of physical symptoms,
things that medical personnel need to know.

The meanings of the pictures are written in 7 languages,
so you can communicate by just pointing at the picture.

We hope that this leaflet will be shared with as many people as possible,
as it is useful for both foreigners and Japanese.

Downloading the leaflet and saving it on your mobile phone can be very helpful,
in case of a medical emergency or during a hospital visit.

Click the link below.
Medical communication board(PDF:1,643KB)


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