Learning Japanese 日本語(にほんご)の勉強(べんきょう)について


At this moment, unfortunately, there are no FREE Japanese language classes in Naha city. But there are some FREE Japanese learning websites for online study! Let's learn japanese for life in Japan!

Let's learn Japanese 日本語(にほんご)を勉強(べんきょう)しよう

Websites to learn Japanese for FREE 無料(むりょう)で日本語(にほんご)を学(まな)べるウェブサイト

1.Irodori Japanese Online course いろどり 日本語(にほんご)オンラインコース(外部サイト)
  Irodori いろどり (Materials 教材(きょうざい))(外部サイト) (PDF & MP3)

Free online Japanese course for essentinal daily life (Japanese for life in Japan 生活(せいかつ)の日本語(にほんご))
Online self- study portal for foreign users in English and Japanese. 

2.NHK World Easy Japanese(外部サイト)  

Adults and kids Japanese learning programs for foreign speakers in different languages.
Conversation and grammar lessons. Easy travel Japanese.


A brand new type of Japanese learning materials, supported in many languages.

  Marugoto Plus(外部サイト) 

MARUGOTO Plus is a website, where users can learn about Japanese language and culture.

4.Minato Japanese E-learning(外部サイト)

JF Japanese E- Learning Minato is a Japanese language learning platform, provided by
the Japan Foundation. Minato means "port". Here at Minato, a place to learn and meet other like - minded people, we invite you to expand your understanding and knowledge of Japan, Japanese people and the Japanese language. Text and audio files for self study.

5.Tsunagaru Hirogaru(外部サイト) つながるひろがる にほんごでのくらし

This website is intended for people who live in Japan, but have no opportunity to study
Japanese and people who have just moved to Japan and are learning the Japanese
language for the first time. This website supports multiple languages to help first-time learners of Japanese to absorb the language smoothly.

Supported languages: Japanese・ English・ Chinese (simplified)・ Portuguese・ Spanish・ Vietnamese・ Indonesian・ Filipino・ Nepali・ and Khmer (Cambodian) (Total: 10 languages)

6.Okinawa International exchange and Human resources development Foundation(外部サイト)  OIHF

Japanese online classes (ZOOM)

7.NEWS(NIHONGO Education contents Web sharing System)(外部サイト) (materials)

日本語(にほんご)教育(きょういく)コンテンツ共有(きょうゆう)システム  (教材 きょうざい)

8.Japanese learning materials pages by JAPAN FOUNDATION (JAPANESE にほんご)(外部サイト)
 Japanese learning materials pages by JAPAN FOUNDATION (ENGLISH えいご)(外部サイト)


Mobile phone Apps to learn Japanese for FREE 無料(むりょう)で日本語(にほんご)を学(まな)べる スマホアプリ

1.NHK WORLD JAPAN app (App store)(外部サイト)
  NHK WORLD JAPAN app (Google Play)(外部サイト)

NHK WORLD-JAPAN is the international service of Japan's public media organization NHK. It provides the latest information on Japan and Asia through television, radio and online to a global audience. (18 languages) There is a online Japanese material on this app.

2.げんば の にほんご GENBA NO NIHONGO (App Store)(外部サイト)
  げんば の にほんご GENBA NO NIHONGO (Google Play)(外部サイト) 
The Japanese language education app “On-site Japanese language" is an app for smartphones that allows technical intern trainees to learn Japanese during short courses before and after entering Japan, and during free moment while training.
Supports in 8 languages. English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Cambodian, Thai, Tagalog and Myanmar. As of March 2022, the target of this app is 3 occupations. [Machinery] , [Food Manufacturing], [Construction]

Read JAPANESE NEWS in easy Japanese やさしい日本語(にほんご)で書(か)いたニュースを読もう

1.NHK NEWS WEB EASY(外部サイト) (NHK やさしい日本語(にほんご)で書(か)いたニュース)

「NEWS WEB EASY」は外国人(がいこくじん)の皆(みな)さんや、小学生(しょうがくせい)・中学生(ちゅうがくせい)の皆(みな)さんのために、わかりやすいことばでニュースを伝(つた)えます。

Meet in person and communicate! 会って話そう

Japanese language circle “Dushiguwa”(外部サイト) 日本語(にほんご)サークル どぅしぐゎー

Communication circle for foreigners, who wish to practice spoken Japanese and make
Japanese friends.

Take a Japanese Language Test 日本語(にほんご)の試験(しけん)を受(う)けよう

JLPT Japanese Language Proficiency Test 日本語能力試験(外部サイト) (Nihongo Noryoku Shiken)

The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) has been offered by the Japan Foundation
and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services since 1984. The JLPT will be held worldwide to evaluate and certify proficiency in Japanese of non-native speakers.

Others その他(ほか)

1.NHK for school(外部サイト)
Educational programs for children. (Only in Japanese)


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